Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evolving Triangles

Well. Isn't it quite the punny/witty amuse-bouche-for-the-brain title I've got here. (And quite the inflated ego, incidentally.) I was going to go with "thosearepearls" but this guy already has it. Oh snap. That's okay--at least he references T. S. Eliot in his blog, which is one of that particular quote's two allusions. (The other is The Tempest [scroll halfway down for the speech] by good old Billy Shakes. But didn't we all just already know that, with our useless degrees in Eglish lit.) However, he hasn't posted since August, and has only posted three times ever. Sigh--such a waste of a good allusion, but more on that later.

Why Evolved Triangle? Because of the yoga pose, first and foremost: I have been doing yoga for ten years and still love it. It's the one pose that made me fall the first time I tried it, and it's one that gave me immense satisfaction when I could finally do it properly, with my hand on the ground.

Also, I like the notion of evolution--through trial and error, and time (and giant amounts of patience), we eventually get better. I like the blending of the concepts of science and yoga. I like how it fits with how I conceive of veganism--because one of the things people say is that humans 'evolved' to eat meat. I've seen arguments that go both ways, but to me it comes down to our moral evolution--we have highly evolved brains that allow us to choose what we eat.

To link the title into strict fitness as well (not just yoga, a blend of physical and mental most of the time), I'd have to say I think the triangle kinda looks like me now, after a year's consistent work at the gym--my shoulders have certainly become wider since I started weight training. It was one of the most dramatic changes I saw in my body, aside from the weight loss itself. (More on that later too.)

Finally, it does raise other spiritual implications as well. Firstly, the quote, "If triangles had a god, he would have three sides." Which I've always liked--we may have been made in god's image, but that sure as hell goes both ways. And in Wicca, there is the Triple Goddess, and the triangle is her symbol.

So, there it is. A breakdown of my ever-so-precious blog title. The next one will be about about food and VeganMoFo, I promise!

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