Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan food will save the world

I make vegan food for sharing a lot. We have potlucks at work, and I bring food to bookclub, and last week someone came in to see me at the office and as a thank-you I brought home-made biscotti. Yes, I brought darling little green tea biscotti from vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. As a bribe, I can tell you baked goods are very effective. It's especially great when people don't know it's vegan initially--they pronounce it delicious (of course it's delicious! It's free goodies that someone gave you--hell yeah, that's always delicious!) and then you're like, "It's delicious, and it's vegan. BAM!" Because they are only so many reasons why vegan eating is hard. Animal products are the default, they are subsidized and artificially cheap and get added to everything; and people think vegan food can't be delicious. Once people realize that eating vegan is easier than it used to be, that you should know what's in your food and that adding, for example, a milk ingredient to potato chips is weird and wrong and why the hell would they need to do that anyway?? ...and also how easy and delicious vegan food is, then we're halfway to eliminating animal products. And saving the world, of course.

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  1. i love the biscotti recipes from Isa's cookie book - so much! - but I've never made the Green Tea ones. They look good! Also, I definitely agree with activism via baked goods!