Friday, September 6, 2013

(Road) Avocado: small-town vegan pastry

Today is a road trip day. I packed myself in a car with two other adults and a baby and we headed off. At the obligatory Canadian road-trip stop--Tim Horton's--I did the obligatory vegan ingredient check. I figured I would be left with the same options as usual: bagel with peanut butter, or oat cakes. (And incidentally, who the fuck actually eats oat cakes? I've never seen anybody eat one, but they are at every single store. SRSLY.)
But this time, it was like the heavens opened and showered vegan pastry over all the earth: the allergen guide showed no animal ingredients in the apple strudel. STFU, Mr. Horton's!! No really, it's true. So I asked my travel companions about a dozen times if they wanted a vegan apple strudel, and then I went and ordered one. And it was only eighty cents. Lord have mercy!!

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  1. Awesome discovery! I will have to check if our local Tim Horton's has these delightful treats.