Tuesday, September 17, 2013

(Road)Avocado: delicious food in the jungle

Travelling in Ecuador was an experience I will never forget. One of the ways I hold my travel memories near is cooking the same foods when I return home. I have veganized chevre chaud from my trip to Paris; I make avocado toast, a cherished New York City memory, all the time; and my love of Italian food increased tenfold after travelling from Venice to Cinque Terre to Florence to Rome.
One of the things I will be making (one of these days!) is a condiment I discovered at the homestay in Ecuador's Amazon jungle. There were a dozen of us in my tour group; and I was the only vegan but there were two vegetarians as well. I was warned by the tour company that I might have trouble with vegan food at the homestay, but I ate far better there than during the (very expensive) Galapagos tour. One day at the homestay they even served us all pancakes--which I was assured were vegan! With every meal, there were two bowls of "sauce" on the table. We put it on eveyrthing and raved about how delicious it was. I asked our guide, and he said it was tomatoes, onions, lime juice, water, salt and chilis. That's it! And it was soooo delicious. It added zing to my vegan vegetable soup and jazzed up my rice and beans. And I've never appreciated delicious vegan food as much as the delicious vegan food I was given when I was in a jungle, far, far away from a convenience store.

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