Thursday, October 6, 2011

The catered vegan

So I was out of town for work. With catered meals. In a small town. The upside: I could see all the stars! The downside: I worried about what to eat.

It didn't turn out too badly, thank goodness! However, everytime I asked the caterer what was vegan she instead told me what was gluten free. ...Um, thanks, but could you tell me about the whole animal product thing? Fortunately, she did have lovely curried chickpeas, but without rice. So I ate it with bread--but she had pumpernickel and caraway rye--definitely a weird flavour clash. Do I sound like a spoiled vegan? Well, maybe a little bit. She made vegan things and gluten-free things but it was not a menu, it was a collection of things she could make to satisfy all diets, but without cohesion. Day 2's lunch spread was hamburger casserole for the omnis, eggplant moussake (vegan and gluten-free( and chickpea curry (vegan and gluten-free) with Cesar salad and garden salad. And the eggplant moussaka tasted rather like eggplant and tomato. I suspect she didn't open her spice drawer for that dish.

All this being said, it was definitely far better than the re-heated hungry-fest I had a five-star resort a couple years ago. And partly it was because she made us hummus from scratch, for lunch on Day 1. It was lovely!

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  1. mmmm hummus. Sucks on the moussake thought. I remember feeling a similar pang for flavour in residence. I was lucky my dorm actually have a hot vegan menu every day, but it was the same for lunch and diner and wasn't replace if it got eaten.